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Patch Notes 1.6 (Holiday Content)

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Jul 25, 2014
Brooklyn New York
Hello all,

We're dropping just a quick update with some holiday fun on default servers today. Have a good time and remember, don't blow your fingers off with those fireworks!

Holiday Content

Tis the season! We've added some christmas content to the game. Some of you might remember last years holiday event and it returns for 2020. You can find a large christmas tree in each town, power it up fight the waves and you'll be rewarded with some presents. In addition this year we've added a small tree to each house on the island :) We hope you all have the best holiday possible for 2020, thanks much for the continued support stay safe and happy holidays!

Trees in houses

Town tree


Merch Shop - 30% Off Sale

While we're currently unable to sell merch in house which is what we would ideally love to one day do. We have opted into a 3rd party seller Teespring to provide those that have requested it the ability to pick up some cool merch and help out the team.

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