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Player-Created-Lore Map

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Darkstar 影

Lone Survivor
Jun 4, 2017
Alaska, United States of America
https://www.survivethenights.net/map I want to try out a Lore Map, for those interested/keeping up with the lore, you can get a better idea of where the characters are in relation to the map. I will update this as movements are made. IF you are a creator of lore that is continued(Your character actually survive(s/d) long enough to travel) story, then give me a summary of where they've been, and what type of travel they used in relation to the Legend. Here is an example:

Characters Name: Dante and Jasmine
Color(Please make sure it isn't already taken): Red
Map: Started on Prison Island(Radio Tower), then traveled on foot down the coast, got in a boat, traveled on the boat to Greenlight Bay, went on foot through old town, got knocked out and brought to the North-Eastern part of 7-4 on the map, and then traveled south on foot along Baron Creek to Lake Baron, and am currently settled between the two roads slightly north of Lake Baron, at 7-3.

From then on, I will keep on the lookout for your character in Player-Created Lore, and update the map as I read where your characters go, so you shouldn't need to post here more than once. https://community.survivethenights.net/threads/player-created-lore.8136/