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Psychopaths/Sociopaths & Heroes

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Aug 13, 2014
So this may be a bit of a controversial as it may "bend" or even break the game but i feel should be talked about since there is a mental health system set in place and these two types of individuals do go under mental health.
KOSing is a problem for most survival games and is something that inevitably will happen, some want it to be gone and others want it to stay, however not everyone is gonna accept that idea. While i am a fan of the whole mental system idea i wanted to introduce an idea for those who want kosing to more available yet still, depending on the way it's implemented, cater towards those who want it to be controlled. It's also worth noting that i don't know how punishing the mental health system will be since i don't keep up with every post that the developers put up about features within the game.
I'ma go through the traits of both a psychopath and sociopath, while both are similar, they are not identical and should considered if this idea was to be implemented. It's also worth noting that if this is to be implemented it would probably be done WAY WAY later in the game's development cycle.
-Lack of remorse, shame or guilt (not complete lack of remorse)
-Lack of empathy
-Feels entitled to certain things as their "rights"
-Tend to be manipulative and cunning
-Impulsive/lack of behavioral control
-Worries about self considerably more than others.
-tends to put the blame on others, irresponsibility basically.
---a difference between the two is that sociopaths tend to be less aggressive than psychopaths and have more remorse than psychopaths. Sociopaths tend to be more impulsive and more "hot-headed" while psychopaths tend to be Careful and "calm"
---Way it plays into the game/Pros&Cons
-can kill more without suffering from the mental system, probably 2-5 more people?
-Harder to aim under tension
(if anyone has any ideas to add to Pros/Cons add some just don't have it be blatantly broken)
---I'd also say to probably create a type of person that would contain traits from both sociopaths and psychopaths.

Well i was gonna have the topic be about psychopaths/sociopaths only but i figured that there should be a reward for being good other than not suffering from mental issues. Which is where heroes come into play.
---Pros/Cons of being a hero
-Stronger bulletproof vest to spawn with? (idea from DayZ)
-(If there will be a trader system put in) receive discounts from traders.
-(Cont.) Receive currency for killing Psycho/Sociopaths
-obviously suffers from the mental health system, maybe more than an average person would?

-Probably common questions
A. Even if we were to put in this, then why not just adjust the mental health system?
B. Well the thing about the mental health system is the fact that it applies to every single player, if we were to adjust it to be less punishing on KOSing then it would possibly piss off those who don't want KOSing to be more accessible and vice versa.
A.How could it be put in to not make it common?
B.Well it could have a 5-25% chance to gain it as a "trait" when you spawn in, while it may be abused by having players kill themselves every time until they get the trait maybe there could be a function set in place. Where, for example, if a player kills themselves within 10 minutes of spawning, the chance to gain the trait decreases by 5-15%. Or maybe it's something that will be gained as a trait as you progress through the game and kill people through "moderation". As for heroes it will probably be something that has to be gained through "good deeds" or killing Psychopaths. That's just a few ideas off the top of my head, any other suggestions would help

Just an idea... This idea i partially got from Dayz's system of Bandits and Heroes.


Community Mod
Apr 17, 2016
I don't like the idea of "classes". Everyone is just survivors, how they survive will be up to each individual, and the repercussions that goes along with it.

At least for me it will be very artificial if I have to choose a class when joining a server. This will also "force" player to play a certain way. I want the fluid dynamic.

Say a player has been good 99% of the time, kept to himself. But now he is starving and freezing, he will die in a short while if these needs are not tended to. He spots another player, he has a warm and fuzzy coat, along with a backpack. This player will now face a choice:

- Do I talk to him, like the good person I am, ask him for help, risk getting my head blown off?
- Do I just kill him and take his stuff, risking that he has just as little as me in regards to food? Do I really kill ppl just for a coat?

If there was "classes" like you describe this choice would already be made for the player. "oh that's right, I'm the sociopath class, it's expected of me to behave this and that way"

And I don't like that.