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Quartz piezo reactor experiment

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Jul 12, 2017
I recently became very interested in generating electricity from the piezo effect with quartz. Was reading how its possible to generate electricity from the use of magnets and quartz, literally all that needs to happen is the quartz crystal needs to be stressed or have pressure applied. Whacking a quartz crystal with a hammer produces a small amount of electricity. The reason this takes place is due to the quartz crystal rearranging atoms internally. Its a sort of mechanical energy production. I got an idea to try and produce electricity using some neodymium's and ferrites. I have no idea why but for some reason the idea came to me to use silica gel beads, turns out they are a form of quartz. I begun experimenting with the gel beads, first i stressed one in a pair of pliers. To my surprise by attaching the positive and negative sensors of my multimeter to the bead as i was stressing it, a small voltage was produced it was tiny but the fact it did something fascinated me. I got the idea, what if there was many gel beads all being stressed by a strong magnetic field surely that'd produce some decent voltage?

As it turned out, it was quite insignificant even after adding water to provide an electroconductive environment. The following pictures detail my findings. I also played with a 6 coil electro magnet in an effort to increase the magnetic field and make it self powered from the beads. It had little to no effect. In the end, i found piezo electricity just doesn't generate a large amount of electricity. Even where custom materials are used such as ceramic piezo materials the most voltage possible is around 100 watts. Whilst that seems impressive, in the scheme of things its small and never going to be enough to achieve any sort of self sufficiency. Still the findings were interesting, who would of thought silica gel beads could produce a charge.

I moved the reactor to a hot plate on my oven in an effort to increase the magnetic strength.

Added some dirty quartz chunks i had extracted from some river rocks

Best result even after adding some lemon juice to the container, was trying to make it react with the copper lol.

You can see the neodymium stack and copper coils

Im becoming very interested in playing with frozen magnets as per my thread about freezing filtered water, i wanna try stuff like winding some copper coils around frozen magnets then play with things like rail guns hehe. Maybe see if can somehow produce some voltages. One interesting effect i observed whilst playing with the oven hotplate was the neodymium stack when contained in another container, this was before i built the reactor it shot upwards when it reached a certain point in the magnetic field with the 5 ferrite stacks surrounding it. It gave me an idea to build a rail gun something i may attempt in the future. Seems fun haha. Imagine making a rail gun from frozen magnets.