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Questions about Zombie Behavior.

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Nov 30, 2014
Parts Unknown
From what I've seen in previews of the game online. It looks like Zombies(Undead) function very well actually. No running through walls or endlessly chasing you, very nice work. Now, here is my question. How will the Zombies behave with the world around them, other players, and A.I? (Animals, other zombies, terrain) More questions;

Will they want to attack us if they hear the voice chat in game?

Will they hit windows and and try to climb in when they agro you? (Project Zomboid)

Can they over power you? (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories )

Can you drop LOS (Line of site) on them and they lose track of you? (cut a corner and run behind a building will
they still know were you went?)

After reviewing, most if not all the information that is available to us as the average player. I might have missed something. Please do not quote me.

Now what I mean by "behavior."

Seeing the Zombies or the Undead act in other games and seeing how they "act" in Survive The Nights is certainly interesting. Seeing how they're "Alive." (For lack of a better word.) They need to be as real as the world around us. Many games have this issue, where the Zombies are just A.I. They are not living, breathing creatures with their own site, smell, and hearing. If I see a horde of Zombies I don't want to just charge in and kill them all with my M4. The way I see it, the more dangerous they are the better. Make them the problem they are set out to be by the apocalypse itself. Make us fear them not carelessly kill them. (DayZ)

Thank you for all the hard work that you do it's honestly appreciated by us all!



Aug 14, 2014
You and I were mean't to be best friends lol.

i'd like to know a lot of that as well, however there is one behavior from zombies that's kind of cool. In one of Psy's videos the player is hunting and kills a deer, right as he's about to go and get the meat, 2 zombies come out from the nearby cabin and start eating the dead deer which i assume would turn it into inedible meat which is pretty cool.

My hope for this game is that zombies that are far away from a gunshot will still follow it unlike dayz where only the local ones come. Try thinking of The Walking Dead season 2 finale where it shows how the horde got to the farm, first it was a helicopter, then it was a gun shot. I'm just hoping zombies behave like that where they dont just spawn locally and are global and react to loud noises