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Random Defense Idea's

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Cultured Crow
Aug 14, 2014
Parts Unknown
Dead Clamp Fortification:

1x Washer
1x Long Smooth head Bolt
1x Nut
1x 2x4 Wood Board
1x Large Piece of Plywood (For Windows)

A simple defensive modification for door's and windows involving a smooth head bolt, a Washer & Nut and a 2x4, for windows a plywood board is added. A hole is drilled through a door and the smooth head bolt is fed through on the outside of the door. A corresponding hole is drilled through the 2x4 and is placed onto the bolt which is then secured with a washer and nut. To lock the door the 2x4 is twisted across the frame of the door and is twisted back to unlock it. For windows a thick piece of plywood is placed inside the outside frame of the window and hole is then drilled in. Similar to a door the smooth head bolt is fed through the plywood and 2x4 sealing the window when the 2x4 is placed across the frame.
(DoomsDay Prepper inspration but he dosn't use a smooth head bolt for the outside wich I think would make it easier to dismantle from the outside.)

Sliding Door:

4x Small Wheelbarrow Wheel's
16x Steel Plte's
8x Long Angle Plate's
( http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/364496342/perforated_angle_flag_bracket_angle_bracket_garage.jpg )
2x Long Connector Plate's
50x Screw's
68x Nut's
68x Bolt's
Screw Driver or Drill

A heavy defensive modification that can be used to give extra protection to a door. The mod consists of four wheel barrow wheels, a door, sixteen steel plates, sixty eight nut's & bolt's, eight long angle plates, two long connector plates and fifty screws. First a unused door is taken off it's hinges then the door knob is removed, and the door is then armored by taking multiple steel plates and bolting them onto both sides of the door eight plates for each side. Two long connector plates are bolted to the top of one side of the door, these plates are used to connect the top of the door to two of the wheelbarrow wheels the other two are directly bolted to the bottom of the door. To guide the wheels four lower and four top angle brackets are secured to the wall, ground and door frame with screws, these allow easier movement for the wheels as well as keeping the door in place.

The Bridge:


2x Heavy Hinge's
2x Spool's of Rope
1x Hand Winch
1x Rope Pulley
8x Flat Bracket's
4x Heavy Wood Plank's
2x 2x4 Wood Board's
42x Screw's

A defensive modification that can be used to add a extra layer of defense to a door or to add restricted access to a nearby rooftop. The mod is a DIY drawbridge made from two heavy hinges, rope, a hand winch, a pulley, several brackets nut's bolts and screws and four heavy wood planks and two 2x4's. The heavy planks are connected together in a bridge with the flat brackets and screws, holes are then drilled into the top corners for the winch rope to be fed through. For additional support two 2x4's are bolted to the inside of the makeshift bridge, then the two heavy hinges are bolted to the bottom of the bridge. The hinges are then bolted to the ground in front of the desired door and holes are drilled above the door frame to allow the rope to pull up the door. In the inside a hand winch is bolted next to the door frame, a large amount of rope leads to a pulley that leads to the two ropes that hold up the makeshift bridge.

Silent Alarm:

2x Two Way Hand Radio's
1x Large Battery ( 6 Volt or a Car Battery)
1x Roll of Duct Tape
1x Small Relay
1x Small Bundle of Wire (Copper or Electrical wire)
10x Screw's
Screw Driver

A advanced warning device made from some copper wiring, two hand radio's, a large battery, duct tape, a small relay and several screws. Requiring some knowledge about electronics a radio is lightly taken apart and modified with some copper or electrical wire and attached to the small relay. The device is taped next to a door or window with duct tape, wiring leads from the device to two parts of the door or window. Additional wiring is placed across the door leading to each of the wires creating a circuit, for a window wiring is placed on the under side of the window. For additional support screws are placed between the device and the door or window, the wiring is wraped around each screw to keep the wire in place. When either the window or door is opened the circuit is broken the charged relay will then power the radio sending a tone to a set frequency which can be picked up from a different radio. Different devices can be attached to the alarm setup for different effects, such as something that could make a large noise or a trap.
Tech Schematic for a Burglar Alarm, the diffrence is it has a loud buzzer instead of a silent alarm.
( http://www.electroschematics.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/wire-break-sensor-alarm.gif )

Bar Wall:

Welding Torch
6x Pieces of Re-bar ( Size of Re-bar varies depending on the size of the window)

A defensive modification made up of several pieces of re-bar and requires the use of a welding torch and a drill. Different sizes can be made and require different sizes and amounts of re-bar. The small wall needs six medium pieces or re-bar welded into a three by three grid pattern, holes are then drill into a window frame to allow the re-bar to be slipped into place. A medium wall requires three long re-bar pieces and four medium sized re-bar pieces, similar to the small wall the bar's are welded into a grid pattern with the four medium sized pieces connecting the three long bar's. For the medium wall holes are drilled into the frame of a doorway to allow the re-bar to be slipped into place. The large wall requires eight long pieces of re-bar which are welded into a grid pattern, holes are then drilled into the floor and ceiling to allow the bars to be slipped into place. With enough re-bar the large walls can be used to make a room.

Dirt Box:

3x Corrugated Metal Sheet's
6x L Bracket's
24x Nut's
24x Bolt's
Pile of Dirt/Sand

A improvised defensive modification made from three pieces of corrugated metal sheets, six L brackets, twenty four nut's & bolt's and a large amount of dirt or sand. Using two full metal sheets as a top and bottom side the third sheet is cut up in to four pieces to connect the two full sheets. The edges of the cut up sheeting are folded around the sides of the two full sheets then bolted in place, once done the end result is a hollow rectangular metal box. The next step is undo the bolts on one of the sides of the box to give you a opening to place the dirt or sand. Using your preferred medium you then slowly fill the box stopping every min to pack in the medium, the box is then bolted shut finishing the fortification. To attach the vehicle to a window, door or vehicle six L shaped brackets are bolted to the sides of the box and then bolted to the desired surface.

Dirt Box Bunker:

4x Dirt Box Defense's
6x Door Hinge's
34x Screw's
2x Latch's
2x Door Stop's
Screw Driver or Drill

A heavy defensive fortification that can be folded and moved for use in different areas composed of four Dirt Box fortifications, six door hinges, thirty four screws, two latch's and two door stops. First two Dirt Box's are secured together width wise with two hinges and six screws, additionally a door stop is screwed to either box so they can fold together but when folded out form a V shape. A Dirt Box is then secured to each of the attached box's with the remaining hinges, the two ends of a latch are attached to both sets of box's so the outer box's can be pulled up and locked into place. If done right the entire setup can be folded up into a stack four box's tall.

(I have decided to draw some topdown views of the dirt box bunker setup to give you guys an idea of how it would look, I am almost done but I did it on the tablet and I am not very good at drawing in the first place so you guys will have to bear with me. I will have a top down of the first two box's joined together, one of all four box's secured together and one of them folded into a stack. I don't think I would be able to draw a accurate pic of all the box's folded out.)

Here are the pic's

Drop Box:

1x Postal Box
12x L Shaped Bracket's
24x Nut's
24x Bolt's
Blow Torch

A idea I thought of that might be beneficial to people who want to try to survive by trading. I haven't thought of exactly where it would need to be placed but I think it could be put into a wall or used to take up the space of a door or window. The items needed would be twelve L shaped brackets, twenty four nut's & bolt's, a drill, a blow torch and the main ingredient a postal box. If they let us put it into the side of a house without physically cutting a hole for it then it could just be implied that you cut the hole out and it might work. Otherwise the postal box would be placed in a window or door way and bolted in place with six L brackets on each side of the doorway or window. A hole would then be cut out on the rear of the post box to allow objects to be placed inside and take out the other on either side. The idea might work best with doorways since the legs could be bolted in place as well, it might take up a potential exit but it would also block a entry point. Zombies could still crawl over or under it as well unless boards or metal sheets are nailed above the postbox.

Well here are some defensive modifications for a home/base I have been working on tell me what you guys think.
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