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**Read before posting suggestions**

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Aug 11, 2014
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Please follow these rules and tips when making a suggestion:

  • Create a new thread for each of your suggestions.
  • Make your Thread Title simple and to the point.
  • Try to keep your post tidy using the formatting tools.
  • Give a clear explanation and try not to be vague.
  • DO NOT post your suggestion into someone elses thread!
  • Before creating a thread please use the "Search" function to see if its already been submitted.
  • Keep any replies to someones suggestions on that topic!
Example :

Thread Title : Multi-ShotgunShell Tripwire

Idea : A spring loaded trap that utilizes 6 shotgun shells in a row, that is mounted above a door and is activated by a trip wire.

Items Needed :

  • 3 planks of wood
  • 6 springs
  • 8 nails
  • 6 bottle tops
  • Metal Wire
  • 4 Nails
  • 6 Shotgun Shells
  • Fishing line

Tools Needed :

  • Drill and Drill Bit
  • Hammer

Description :

Planks of wood have 6 parallel holes drilled into them - The 6 shotgun Shells rest in the bottom plank with the second plank sitting on top of them, Metal wire is used to secure the 2 planks together so they can slide. Each bottle Cap has a nail driven through its centre then the spring placed on top, Each of these are placed above each of the the Shotgun Shells. The third plank holds the springs in place and is nailed to the second plank.

Each of the the springs are pulled up and the planks are slid horizontally so that the spring mechanisms are out of line of the Shotgun shells, The device is now armed... Each nail has the force of the spring pushing down on it and when the planks are slid into line the nails are forced down the lower holes striking the shells primer caps.

Once created this is mounted above a door using 2 nails with the shells facing downward - A trip wire is made using the fishing line and attached across the door using the last 2 nails as pulley points. When someone walks through the trap the wire is pulled which pulls the spring planks in line with the Shell plank... BOOM! Death from Above!

I will create a picture of the concept and upload it soon, I will also create a model of this in 3dsMAX and animate it to give a better idea (Obviously not everyone has modelling skills but basic paint drawing etc will help)

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