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Discussion in 'Rules' started by ShotgunRagtime, Aug 23, 2014.

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  1. ShotgunRagtime

    ShotgunRagtime Member Backer

    Aug 12, 2014
    I prolly should have posted this a while ago, but ah well.

    Before you post on this Cat, please remember that it's for General Discussion of the game itself. I see a lot of threads here that really belong under the Off-Topic or Community Support Cats. Yesterday I saw a thread on here about what music you'll be listening to while playing StN, which I moved to the Off-Topic Cat. Then today I saw a dupe thread on here about the same exact thing, which I deleted. This is a good example of why everyone needs to both post in the proper cat and check if you're posting a dupe. I do think it's partially my fault for not being as clear as I should've with what the cats are for.

    General Discussion: For content pertaining to the game. This means threads about various aspects of StN. It's also the place for talking about groups, playstyles, and also praise for the game. You can also ask questions about how the game will be. It's not the place for: Discussion of other unrelated media (music, movies, etc), suggestions, or questions regarding your purchase.

    Community Support: For questions regarding your purchase. Ask here and not in General Discussion so that you can get a proper answer from devs

    Off Topic: For anything that isn't DIRECTLY related to the game or gameplay
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