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Realistic Blacksmithing

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Jack Rackham, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Jack Rackham

    Jack Rackham New Member

    Jun 29, 2018
    You have the ability to build, or use a pre existing one, forge to make weapons and anything made from metal.
    Wide variety of metals.
    Ability to smelt down various objects into materials, example: hammer head to iron
    Create alloys ex: electrum (gold and silver)
    Realistically shape metal such as the curve, fuller, and length in a blade
    Be able to fold the metal
    choose a core and a covering ex: soft core, hard outside such and a katana
    realistic problems that come from inexperience ex: fractures, breaking, chipping
    make the handle and guards (cross, basket, half basket, knuckle bow)
    shape the metal to adjust balance point in swords (close in rapiers far in machetes)
  2. DZS

    DZS Survivor Backer

    Jul 12, 2017
    What your suggesting would be an update in its self. Im not saying it wouldn't be a worthwhile update, alot of work is all. Systems always are.

    Potential pluses
    It would make crafting of metal objects/weapons more challenging, improving the reward
    Blacksmithing can be a skill that improves as you use it to produce higher quality items
    Any player that became a good blacksmith would undoubtably be popular with other players
    Blacksmithing also could tie into ammo production with the possibility of custom types of ammunition
    In short, it allows deeper gameplay working with all forms of metal
    If blacksmithing had alot to it, it could result in truly custom weapons driving the games economy

    Potential negatives
    Some players would be put off by the complexity, likely relying on accomplished blacksmiths or trading for items
    It creates more work for the devs
    A freeform crafting system seems impossible, but who knows. Borderlands 2 essentially did that even tho there was a limit to the weapons combinations something insane in the 1000's. <that's actually a plus if the dev's could somehow do that, would make STN quite unique as open world games go.

    Overall a worthwhile idea.

    Bonus, it could lead into other skills like becoming a jeweler. People might wonder, what possible use would there be for jewelry in a zombie open world game? All sorts, particularly in terms of electronics. Creating shaped lenses for gun upgrades, scopes etc. Shaping gems for use in different crafted electronics as some examples. There have been examples throughout time where jewels can offer substantial armour protection, a little extravagant but imagine a shirt with diamond plating or a combination of kevlar and diamond.
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  3. Jack Rackham

    Jack Rackham New Member

    Jun 29, 2018
    my biggest point with this is if you know how to blacksmith in real life than you can in a game

    I do have an idea for an easier lite version:
    keep the smelting of objects into materialsbut have a crafting system similarish to Skyrim
    first pick the type of item: sword, tools, materials, ect
    then the type of item selected: hunting knife, cutlass, axe (each will have perks and negatives)
    now pick the material: iron, copper, steal
    after that you can sharpen or refine each item
  4. Num47

    Num47 Sexual Tyrannosaurus Backer

    Feb 24, 2015
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