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Recommendations / maybe bug?

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Dec 30, 2017
Good Morning All!

Let me start by saying that i love what you all have done so far with the game! It looks amazing and i'm enjoying what content there is at the current time (0.0.5)

I have a couple of recommendations that i would like to make.

Server select screen: Can you make this to where you can click on the "Server Name" and have the servers organize in alphabetical order? The history tab is not always reliable (possible bug?) for finding the last server that i played on so i wrote down the server name and IP so i could find it again. Being able to put the servers in alphabetical order would help a lot to being able to find the server i was last one more quickly and hopefully avoid mistakes.

Visible stats: It's annoying to constantly have to open the inventory tab to check on my stamina and other stats. Maybe you could have some bars in the lower left hand corner ( or somewhere ) that show you how much stamina you have and what level your health is at. Again, just a suggestion.

Viewing loot durability in a container: Another thing that would be great to have in the game is to be able to determine durability of an item WITHOUT having to put the item in your inventory. For example, if i find a can opener in a container, i click on the can opener and it gives me the description but it doesn't tell me what the durability is on it unless i move it into my inventory and THEN click on it. I feel like i waste a lot of precious daylight having to do this with just about everything.

Volume: The volume in the game is LOUD, TOO LOUD, lol. I like the sound the game makes when you are close to a zombie but the breathing is WAY TO LOUD. When you shoot a gun it's super loud as well. Please tone it down a couple of notches.

Just some observations but for a pre-alpha you guys are doing an awesome job! Keep up the great work!!