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Recording yourself/TV

Would you like to see Cameras and TV to record your messages?!

  • Yes!

    Votes: 8 80.0%
  • No

    Votes: 2 20.0%

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Oct 18, 2014
Hawaii, United States of America
So i was thinking maybe we can add like Webcams and Cameras to attach to a TV and then you can record yourself with a message or whatever and so when someone comes around to a working TV then can switch channels and find your video that you record on that channel that you set to loop.


As long as i get my sword, I don't care.
Sep 5, 2014
I could see this being a thing.

perhaps you come by a long forgotten SUV.
Among the dead inside lies treasure, so you help yourself. opening the locked glove-box was a chore but luckily you had a pry bar on your side.
with a slight grunt the glove-box cracks open and the contents fall out. With them is a video camera, 4 tapes, and a spare battery pack. sadly your adventure is cut short by the stomping of a nearby horde. you find yourself Stuffing the camera in your bag as you flee to shelter. once inside you check the camera to find it dead. The spare battery comes to mind and you try it then.

The camera beeps to life, you check to see if the beep attracted any attention, but soon find yourself to be in the clear.
scrolling through the contents of the camera you become a bit tearful at the lost family's content. as your finger hovers above the erase button, a sigh is released and the button pressed. The camera read "Memory card deleted- Total storage 42 GB". since the storage card is so large, You plan use the spare tapes for kindling on the fire.

setting up camp that night was easy, but your gaze drifts ever so slightly to the camera on a makeshift Tri-pod from time to time. you have trouble thinking of how to start, or even where to start... then finally
you sit on a log seat and press record.

"My name....is unimportant....my story, even lesser so...but I hope that the following footage will help whoever is left after I rot away"

as far as the security camera idea goes, that's kinda odd....maybe a game cam to monitor areas or horde movement.

It's a good idea regardless, but i see that as a later edition to the game. unless the devs feel like going all out and dropping something that complex at launch

setting parameters for wireless cameras, not to mention the coding, models, and range variables....its all hard to get right.
and i think the wire versions will be even harder.

Thanks for reading my rambling! :D