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Remington 1100 12ga Shotgun

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Cultured Crow
Aug 14, 2014
Parts Unknown
Remington 1100

The Remington 1100 is one of my favorite shotgun's and is something that I grew up firing. It is a semi automatic shotgun with a five shell capacity, four in the tube and one in the chamber. Most are equiped with long barrel's and are fairly accurate and are a favorite for skeet shooters. It is also extremely reliable, the 20ga variation still holds the record for most shot's fired from a semi automatic shotgun without jamming, being broken or cleaned at a little over 24,000 shell's and I have never had my 12ga jam and I have been using the same one since I was a little kid.

I would suggest the very common trap & sporting series for addition to the game, I believe they would be common in a island enviroment. Like I said before these are really popular shotguns for use in trap/clay shooting and I think they would probably have trap shooting for tourist's and for general entertainment. One reason would be that you don't need land to fire the clay pigeon's over unless you are doing rabbit shot's(bouncing ground target's) and I would imagine they could set up trap firing ranges just about anywhere since modern clay pigeons are biodegradible.

I believe I have the Sporting model and I could provide lot's of pic's for the dev's if they wish to include this gun. It has also been used a lot so it has plenty of wear and doesn't look fresh out of the box, so I think the pic's could help give the gun some charecter. For a quick visuel it looks a lot like the bottem 1100 in the top pic just not as shiny and it has a 25 inch skeet barrel.

I would also really like to see a sawed off version of the 1100, they have already added the sawed off double barrel this would be a step up with three extra shell's. It wouldn't be good for hunting or skeet shooting but it could blow a zombie apart and would be great for close encounters of any kind.

Also if they plan on multiple types of 12ga ammo I would like to see bird shot 12ga shell's as a more common shell then buckshot or slug's. They are the typical shell used for skeet shooting and as the name implies bird hunting, so I think they would be fairly common especially in areas with the 1100. It wouldn't be very deadly especially at long range but it's still a 12ga shell so it should do some damage. They would be good for survival though since you could use them to easilly hunt diffrent types of birds.
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