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Render/view distance

Which method do you think would work best

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Aug 14, 2016
United States of America
The distance in which things render (mainly outside after this past update) is too small. I know that the game is being optimized all of the time, but we need a way to keep the emersion. Instead of seeing bare/plane mountains in the backround, with some floating trees, you could maybe try and add a sort of fog effect (similar to the one you already have). Arma 3 or just cause 3 are both good examples. in arma 3 there is just a border of fog where things wont be visable or rendered which is a distance set by the user. But in just cause 3 you can see everything and it looks good. This is caused by a downgrade on textures/models that are far away and they gradually get better the closer you are, which is a system I think could be improved on in STN and work work marvellously if done coreectly, especially since the game is so pretty.


Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Feb 24, 2015
What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country.
It's generaly like the latter, (they may have customized portions of code thou, I dunno) with different Levels of Detail for objects and such... this is why it's better to have your own content made for the sole purpose of it being optimized too your liking.

A building for example may have maybe 3/4 LOD's with less and less detail the further you get from it and smaller objects like trash only having one/two which can sometimes cause the "pop-in/out" effect when you visualy see it come into view.

Most AAA companies have their own in-house engines where they have had teams of people working on to create the rendering etc, and make it all much better than what standard engines on the market have...

Examples could be Rockstars RAIN Engine, Techland's Engine... I'm gonna guess and say these have some rendering tricks etc, that are not "public" knowledge due to it being more effective than others.

For instance I came across something called "Point Cloud or Cloud Point Rendering" and it's pretty neat stuff... I could be wrong but I'm sure I've seen this used before. I'd advise watching a video about it, as I'd just butcher the explanation with my blabber.