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Sanity/insanity - is it a one-way street?

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Stephen Beat

Aug 13, 2014
Hope I am not asking something that has already been covered inside another post but...

Is insanity a one-way street? By that I mean if you go insane because of your actions is there:

a) No way to reverse this situation, or...
b) Modulate or control the slow disintegration by using 'drugs'?

I kinda like the notion that sanity could be modulated by using a drug - which could become a dealable item - that at least staves off complete insanity for a time. OR could create a 'Jeckle and Hyde' characteristic where, when under the influence of the drug the character appears to be a normal and 'balanced' person - and only when they loose access to the drug do their attributes shift to a unbalanced and 'sick' person.

Or would insanity be reversible by doing 'good deeds'?

Or does that all sound too complicated?

I also like the idea that 'bad people'* (i.e. 'mad people') have the additional handicap of being a slave to addiction - it seems like a good way to exert a certain amount of control over the numbers of 'bad people' in the game. After all if they are addicted and have to spend an increasing amount of time sourcing the drug then they have:

a) Less time to bother other players, and...
b) Are more likely to be open to negotiations/co-operating IF they think there is some drugs to be had.

However, I do NOT see a 'drug' to control insanity as a CURE. In the end they would still go completely mad, it's just that the use of the drug would allow them to continue in the game longer - but would also add the extra challenge for them of seeking the drug (which would be mildly hard to get hold of).

*Note: Please note that I use the idea of 'mad' people being 'bad people' SPECIFICALLY in terms of the context of this game. People with mental issues are NOT, by default, 'bad people' (before I get flamed)!


Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2014
i think the system should be you can kill some on sight if you see somone, that has things you want them, you could kill him.

However lying on one position scoped witha sniper or camping with a shotgun inside a house and killing other players repeatadly will make you insane.

that means lets say over 20 minutes played you can kill around 5-10 ppl.

that should not make you insane and not make it possible for you to not become sane again, you will just be on the edge and you will need to rest eat meds not kill things for a while even zombies.

That would make it possible for you to pvp, but you cannot KoS everything, becuse once shit hits the fan another group of ppl in pvp, would make you useless.

that would also make it an incentive to talk to ppl ingame and work with them, and create friends outside of your group.

the numbers would need to be tested by devs thou, how many kills per hour? how fast does the sanity bar go down? what debuff do you get?

can start with you being scared ish half crying, then shaking,paranoia,then anger,blurry vision. i think you always should have a bit of control nomatter how insane you become, but killing another player or zombies becomes more and more difficult the more insane you become.

and as i said above taking a rest not killing thing and taking meds will help this effect.


The Official Bus Driver
Aug 14, 2014
The whole insanity topic has been talked about a lot by the community but nothing set and stone there has been mention of drugs, or the doing of good things to get your sanity back, or simply waiting till the insanity goes away. These are just name a few, I could link to threads that talk about the topic but that would be a long list. The devs I don't think have set anything in stone on the insanity system and imagine is still messing around with the idea, I imagine its hard to replicate how the human mind works in the first place as everybody is different. But we are all hoping the devs will do their best to make it a balanced system of which you will be able to come back from the brink of insanity. Its mostly a waiting game on this feature of the game. Thanks for putting concern into it, I am glad you posted, if you want to see some discussion on the topic just search insanity in that handy dandy search bar to find some discussions.