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Several types of zombie and stealth mode

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May 26, 2018
Hi everybody!
I suggest to make several type of zombie.
1 type is stupid and slow zombie. Smth like in The Walking Dead. One by one, they do not pose a great danger, they are easy to hide and easily deceived. For example, throw some object away from yourself, so that the noise is distracted by zombies. But if there are a lot of them, then they become very dangerous. They like ants from everywhere (like TWD). I think zombies of the first type should account for ~70% of all zombies. Need a game mechanics crowd of zombies
2 type is ordinary zombies. Like now. Their number is less than zombies of the first type, but they are more dangerous. It's so easy not to hide and deceive them
3 type is special zombie. Their several subtypes. Smth like hunter. He can track you down. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from it, you need to cover up your tracks, shoot down your track. For example, use gasoline, washing powder, chemicals, pile up the road with different objects.
Or ther are just more dangerous. A little faster and slightly stronger than ordinary zombies. From them you can not just run away. They break down the defense of the house more quickly than all the other zombies.

Stealth mode.
I'd like to see a more advanced stealth mode. When you make a sortie into a city where there are many zombies, you can sneak past the crowd unnoticed, hiding behind objects. For example, if you went to the store to find food, and there are several zombies, then you can sneak up on their haunches behind them. Just one meter from the zombies. The main thing is that they do not see you or hear you. Similarly, if zombies are standing near boxes in which there may be mining, you can distract them by throwing an object away from yourself. Noise will attract the attention of zombies and they will leave the place of the supposed prey. You can also complicate your work by adding different items that make a noise: a glass bottle, tin cans, rubbish with voiced objects, glass fragments, a creaky door. Unstable items: glass in the shop window that will fall if it is touched, shelves that can be dropped, objects on the edge of the table or rack, ropes about which you can trip over and so on.
If you go quietly, you can not only distract the zombies, but also kill them silently or set simple traps for them. For example, pull a rope between two racks and if the zombies hit the rope, the shelves will fall on them.

I thikn this will give us more intense and dangerous gameplay. You can make noise and break through with the battle, but you can do everything quietly without using weapons.

PS: Sorry for my English. I hope I will immpruve it next time :)
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