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Small issues

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Oct 14, 2017
Why i put this in here bacouse i think all thing what i write here is allready planned to be in game.

Game itself at a moment is good as it should be in this state, and i hope many things go better and easyer when game goes forward.

Things what i think make better when you starting to play:

1. Your dayly calories is some half of total amount what you need so after first night you still is full state of health.(so often log in game and night is just started)

2. Need to get some sort ranged weapon and plunt weapon rather easy, not good weapons but something other than your fists. Ranged can be like stones or somesort sling made by rope, and plunt can be pipe or some branch not need to be better than these simple items what i have seen allready on map but can't take them off ground.

3. little less fire wood to make fire to heat your food or water, now what you can carry goes just to carrying wood. specially when your overall health goes lower becouse you eat uncooked food and your dayly calories not reached. Hard to survive more than 10 days.

Those are what i want to see soon in game or something how to get start knowing you have chance to survive longer, now too small light end of tunnel. I know and hope all those or similar thing will come in game somepoint but if come sooner then can play longer and try more complex crafting and have way to actually fight whith zeds, and somebody can test that mentalhealth allso.

This moment i'm happy on game becouse game hasn't crash or kick me out of server not even once so far, only thing what happens when you log out stays at that loading phase and don't go forward, every other things come later but hope maybe easyer start but more zeds so it not come too easy to start.