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Some items to game

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Oct 14, 2017
I make small list what items is nice to see in game some point.

Welding machine, with that you can "fortify" car make better bumper to kill zombies or some kind plow to push zombies or other stuff out of your way. Other stuff what can make that is fortify your house more than planks like make ironbars to window or door. More ideas probably comes to later.

Chainsaw, this one is allready has own thread but i add it here too. Parts to chainsaw same pull start and carburetor as generator, but own tank and chain. Sharpening kit for chain and it can be used as cleaning kit for weapons.

Then something what is maybe little too much, turbos to cars and some other parts what use to tune car more powerfull, like suspension kits and different type of tyres.
If that car tuning comes then those gas stations car lifts come to use, so someone can open car shop.

Little canoe to make it on logs and oar to timber, so can go fishing or row to prison.

Sledge what can pulling behind, use for transport more logs or other heavy items, when pulling sledge can't run and move slower. For graft that need like 6 planks, 2 timber, 20 nails and tools hammer and drawknife.

Those are what comes to mind at first maybe later new list.

Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014
@RaakaKarju ...

Might a welding machine already be part of the workbench? But a mobile one sounds interesting. You'd need power for it, and a welding supplies pick-up. On the subject of power, the generator is in the game now, but seems static. If you wanted to fortify/modify a vehicle, you'd as least have to move the welder and have lots of extension cords to reach a power supply. Back in 2014 in the concept videos, we saw an RV with sheet metal over the windows, towing a trailer with a telescopic light on it. There was also a trailer on the back of a Jeep type vehicle.

As vehicles come in to the game, it would be nice to see the lifts in garages become active, even if only as a necessary item required to replace some of the parts, along with the workbenches you find in those locations, perhaps the right tools as well. Again, that's a shed load more programming for the Dev team.

But vehicle parts can be heavy, so a trailer/sled system seems like a good idea.