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Stationary Radio.

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that guy who does things with sfm
Jan 18, 2015
United Kingdom

So yeah, a stationary radio.
Say you've encountered a Radio station and there's tons of radio's lying around, and you happen to catch a Stationary radio, you'd take it home and attempt to fix it, which allows you to broadcast all over local radio's to survivors, like bringing them news, say if you're on a ''Roleplay'' server if that actually happens, you'll hear broadcasts from local players.

Now, depending on how good the signal is with these radios, the further you're from people, the more static appears during transmission and it's slightly harder for people to understand you. But obviously the transmission will decrease in static the more you approach its location.

Now, for a start, there should be at least be quite a few frequency's, allowing the communication of survivors harder, unless its a public broadcast which would require a special CD in a radio station that allows the distribution of public broadcasting.