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STN Gamemode Idea

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Real talk
Aug 14, 2014
While reading what people were saying in the update post thread about what causes survival games to become stale, I had an idea for a possible gamemode that could come out of STN.

Imagine that instead of servers being an infinite timeline ie things just keep happening and happening, there is an ultimate server-side goal or mission.

Basically large tasks that would contribute to society returning to normalcy, ie getting radio communications working again, get powergrids up, come up with sustainable food and energy sources, and of course kill all the zeds. Zombies could be set up to randomly spawn hordes at various locations, combined with random events akin to DayZ helicopter crash sites.

I could see factions of some sort start to form ie those that work to get everything running vs the bandits. With zombie counts high enough, and gradually increasing difficulty, I think people will naturally try and work together and/or trade more.
If you managed to complete all these tasks, and kill all the zombies in x number of days, you effectively 'win',and the server starts over again. This could also work as a thing where groups of friends/clans try to survive as long as possible, or with certain hardcore settings, almost making it competitive, similar to how Nazi Zombies is.

Anyway what do you guys think? I can't tell whether it's shitty or not.

To clarify, I'm not suggesting this be the 'main' or only gamemode, just an alternate gamemode or something. And sorry for the spastic writing, lol.
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Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Feb 24, 2015
What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country.
This is always a good thing to have to keep people busy who succumb to boredom easily. Maybe having them in the background so to speak would be a cool thing...e.g you come across notes about a cure/bunker/way off the island (for good) and its down to choice as the player to pursue the lead or not.

Having an end-game is something I have never seen in any MMO (from what I know of), maybe its just me but I like to think as my characters of having their own story's that progress through gameplay, so if something like this is in I would do such objectives/missions and treat it as that characters life, and if I escaped just start over again with another survivor another story.. same as when a character/survivor die's.