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Stone tools

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Sep 5, 2014
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I've searched around for this topic, I've only found it discussed in an update thread so I think it's worth posting about.

For millenia on end, human beings have turned bones, sticks and stones into different types of tools.
Mostly using firestone they first made knives
They held these with their hands on the not sharp side (this is important if you want to keep your fingers) and cut or scraped with the sharp side. Make no mistake, these knives are sickly sharp. Sharper than any regularly found knives we have today (with the exception of hunting and survival knives, but those aren't THAT regular are they?)
You could of course add a handle, I've seen some pictures, but I'm not going to add a zillian pictures.

And they also made spears and hooks (sometimes with bones)
One made from bone, and one made from stone. The bone one has nice hooks which makes catching small prey easier cause they stick. (preferable used with a rope on the end)

and of course let's not forget. THE AXE.
Not that there won't be enough axes in game. But it does feel a bit like an achievement if you manage to make your own axe.
This is nice if you prefer sticking to a cabin in the woods rather than going to town to find a modern axe (in case you decide to settle without one)

Of course it would take some skill to make proper knives. But I've played around with firestone for quite a while. And with some patience I can make a pretty sharp knife. This is with hardly any experience. Just know the technique to making it. (consisting of carefully hitting firestone with a different type of stone)

:) If you know any other tools made out of bone or stone please tell me. My computer wants to update within 2 minutes and I don't have the time to add fishing hooks X-X