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Too many zombies. PvE suggestions and thoughts.

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Jan 13, 2018
I was going around the map trying out new features in game and I have a couple of thoughts to share with you. I feel like there are too many zombies in towns and that they spawn too often. Here's a scenario. A survivor finds a relatively secure shelter (be it a house somewhere in the outskirts of a town), stash stuff in house's storage, like cupboards, wardrobes, etc. and goes on to find some loot. I go to the town and find at least 3 zombies occupying every single building in the town. Without a weapon it's hard to get rid of them - you have to chase them away, with a weapon killing them is easy. I understand that the survival should not be easy but here's the thing. I may go to clear some other houses, go around the town for a bit and when I come back to the house I've been to like 10 minutes ago, the zombies are there again! Besides, the zombies seem to be "attached" to houses now and unlike previously, they return to the houses after they've been drawn away. I know, I know, the game is still in pre-alpha stage so I am not crying but here's my problem: the gameplay makes the player to focus mostly on killing returning zombies. It's hard for me to get a shelter and "claim" it because everytime I leave the shelter for loot I come back just to find the zombies in my house again. I know, "claiming" system is being discussed in another thread (I've added some suggestions myself). What I would like to see in the game is definitely less zombies in the houses. Secondly, they shouldn't spawn that often. Thirdly, they shouldn't be "attached" to houses, they should just wander around freely. Lastly, the claiming system - zombies should not spawn in houses I currently occupy. I think as a quick solution and a quick workaround would be to introduce a timer, which would collect information in which building a player has spent most time in. It's obvious that if I spend most time in a house I consider it "claimed". You don't have to be a programmer to see that zombies spawn every X minutes but being one I am pretty sure there already is an in-game timer, which does that. If it was possible to collect player location then collecting player's time he spent in a house shouldn't be difficult. Then, sync it with the spawning zombies timer and check if a player spent most time in this or that building, do not spawn zombies in it.
I think adding weather conditions impacting player's condition would add an extra veriety to the game. In other words, spawn less zombies and introduce weather conditions impacting player's condition, like overal health, mental health, etc. Introducing clothes craftables would be awesome. Rain, wind, snow, storms, hails, etc would be a replacement for so many zombies, it would add extra variety to PvE system. Right now fighting so many zombies can quickly become borring.
That's it, guys. Thanx.

Dr. J

Aug 14, 2014