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Too many zombies?

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Lord Of The Silver Beaver Damn
Aug 31, 2014
West Wales
So starting out in the game I'm always finding myself too worried entering buildings without weapons when there is sometimes even 1 zombie inside. I feel the hit box and the damaged dealt to zombies is a bit shit and that I find myself all out avoiding zombies whenever I'm looting. I know that this is kinda the point of the game but is anyone else finding it really hard initially to get loot due to zombie numbers in houses? Just want to get a feel of what the community is thinking and whether it's something the creators should have a look at or something I just need to get over and deal with in game.
Jun 9, 2019
I feel that the amount of zombies in each house is a little too much as well... or rather I mean the chance of zombies in a house is too high. I have had little to no problem however when it comes to zombies ( excluding their bugs). As for melee I do agree that it is a little useless unless I happen to run out of ammo... I feel there can be more to melee; like better and varied damage outputs depending on the weapon... I have found that I'd rather use my fists then a machete as the machete can allow one hit for a zombie while fists will constantly make the zombie flinch. I find little to no zombie problem as I usually draw zombies out one by one until there are no more. When I play, I don't try looting every house as I want to minimize the amount of ammo I use... I don't see too much of a problem in avoiding houses unless I see something I want through a window.:p:cool: