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Tripod flashlight (placeable) and multiple tier flashlights (placeable too)

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Dec 20, 2015
The Netherlands
Tripod flashlight

Multiple tier flashlights, beside the wind-up one already in-game:
Flashlight tier 1:

Flashlight tier 2:

Flashlight tier 3:

Flashlight tier 4:

All flashlights will be able to be turned on and placed, and will lit an area depending on where you place them. They take different battery types depending on the size of the flashlight, and the batteries will have to be properly charged. Empty batteries can be charged with certain mechanics but that's a different topic perhaps. The tier 3 and 4 flashlights can be made more rare spawned than the others, aswell as their batteries. Same can be decided by preference for the tripod flashlight. Tripod flashlight could also be seen as a tripod on which you can mount any of the hand held flashlights, as in something like the following:

This can also be made a rare spawn by preference. The advantage of a flashlight mounted on a tripod placed on a surface compared to a hand held flashlight placed on a surface is that the flashlight on the tripod is raised a little from the surface giving a more workable flashlight, and can be adjusted in position while stationary, while the hand held flashlight when placed cannot.
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