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Two issues / reset player data / cant access solo game after playing yesterday

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Apr 3, 2021
So, I would like to do two things... one, is completely reset my player data back to zero and start like i am a brand new player... how can this be done?

Also, yesterday I played a solo game without issues, even logged off and back on and everything was fine.... today, i cant play the game it gets stuck at loading loot and AI.

I verified files in Steam, still nothing...also cannot host a game, all the info for server name password grayed out....

So I uninstalled/reinstalled the game, same issue... i can connect without problem to the servers under "servers"
But i really want to play solo, and also a private game host with 1 of my friends...

I tried Discord, the only suggestion i got was to verify my files which i did already.


My friend just bought the game and is ready to request a refund if we cant play it.