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    Alpha v1.0 has been released on Steam! Bug reports can be made using our new in-game bug reporting system. Please consider joining our Discord if you need assistance.

    -The team at a2z(Interactive);

Unlisted Pre-Alpha Release Update!

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Apr 29, 2016
Ohhhh it all sounds sooo exciting and OhDem Nice pic hun, just wanna say a massive massive massinve thank You to all the Devs and the mods for doing an amazing job so far, Love u all and hope 2 kick ur asses in game soon lol xxx
lol till after tomorrow we will all be cussing them. nah just joking


Aug 23, 2016
Parts Unknown
Yes, it starts.
JB_, can you retrieve the coordinates in the game where you are right now? For example, to describe errors on the map in more detail. Or rich pictures?


Sep 21, 2014
Hello all,

First and foremost to all of our Kickstarter backers, THANK YOU! We’d not be typing this update out if not for you. To all the Humble Pre-Order backers, you’ve allowed our inexperienced team to continue development. Our insane original estimates for a release would have sank us if not for your continued support.

Well here we are, a day before our pre-alpha release! We’d like to welcome all the Steam community members to our updates. This is the first real Steam update now that the game is being released (unlisted). We’ll start updating here also. There’s going to be a lot of words in this update along with a lot of information. Please do your best to get through it and we apologize for the wall of text.

For all those that are new here, we urge you before making a purchase to please read about our team. We’re new here and we have never released a game before Survive the Nights. We’ve never developed anything before this. We work hard and we’re available nearly 24/7 on our discord and forums. We’re involved with the community and we rely on the community for general ideas and now we’ll do so for feedback and feature tweaking.

Below you’ll find a great deal of information on the release, the team and the project! If you have any additional questions feel free to ask anywhere.

The Development Team -

James Wright - Co-Founder of a2z Interactive and our only full-time Programmer
Joseph Ciappa - Co-Founder of a2z Interactive and Community Manager
John Watson - Animations
Andre Kats - World design
Jos Heuvelink - Level design

The Concepts - The videos (some 3 years old) that are floating around the internet are NOT EARLY BUILDS of the game! They’re concept videos put together by the original team to show off our ideas and see if there would be any interest.

The Builds
- This current pre-alpha build will turn 3 in March. Due to our inexperience, we’re having to release to a much wider audience than originally planned for. This will not change the way we do things as of now. We’re still a team of 5 (only four developing full time). We will expand when it’s financially possible and things have stabilized.

What’s NOT working? - A lot, the trailer reflects our hopes for alpha, this is pre-alpha. While all of the mechanics shown in the trailer are functioning in the project as a whole, they’ll not all be in this initial release. Below are some of the bigger features that are completely missing from the current public build. The Steam Store page reflects exactly what’s in and isn’t in this initial release. We will release a public roadmap shortly after we get things running well.

Fortifications - Our old static system is being replaced with a free placement system. This will be one of the first features added after we’re stable. Players can currently lock doors and containers. Most windows are covered.
The Goal for Alpha - The fortification system will be a major feature in the game. We hope to have a unique and wide variety of materials to cover windows, doors and doorways.

Vehicles - While working in development branches, vehicles are not the focus nor are they imperative to our core mechanics. They will be in as soon as we’re stable and our survival core is in place. Plus, you’ll notice far more issues walking around then driving around. Remember to report bugs! :)
The Goal for Alpha - Vehicles are in. You can secure them and you can store goods in them. Vehicles should act as mobile basses and be worth their weight it parts. We’ve created numerous automotive part drops and the part system for vehicles should be rather extensive.

Temperature - While our season system is in place and players will see all four seasons in this build, temperatures have no effect on players just yet.

Hunting and Trapping - Hunting, trapping is not currently in. These two mechanics will mostly likely arrive just after fortifications along with fishing.
The Goal for Alpha - Hunting and trapping should be a viable option for anyone living outside of town or on hardcore finite servers.

Appliances - While electrics are working, fridges and electric stoves aren’t functioning just yet
The Goal for Alpha - Working appliances should give an extra layer of depth to gameplay. Needing to keep fresh foods cool or a structure warm, appliances will take focus soon after our core survival mechanics are solid.

There are many features I’m sure we’ve missed here, things that have been seen in concept or talked about on forums/discord. There’s a lot of work to do for the team and the community. The majority of our features are ‘in their infancy’ only in the project in their most basic forms. A lot of these features have been waiting on larger scale testing and tweaking.

Here are a handful of the many features that are in and need tweaking:
Zombie AI (Pathfinding)
Zombie Spawn Rates
Night Zombie Behavior
Day Zombie Behavior
Loot Spawn Rates
Loot Variety
Locking Containers
Locking Doors
Weight Calculations
Wiki Links (every object has a wiki link that needs an associated page created)
Weather Cycles
Day and Night Cycle Length
Gun Jamming and Cleaning
Consuming Foods
Consuming Liquids and Medicines
Bandaging and Healing
Crafting Consumables
Cooking on Fires
Crafting Tools
Crafting Treated Medical Gear
Crafting Resources
VoIP Local
VoIP Radio Based (up to 1000m)
Powering a Structure
Daily Leaderboards
Stats System
Mental Health System

As we are missing many features, many are already in. There’s a lot of balancing to do. We’re a tiny team and having to learn and develop at the same time hasn’t allowed us much time to test. We need more hands on deck to find all the nasty bugs and game issues that we simply don’t have the manpower to find.

What to expect on Release - Tomorrow will be the first time more than 10 people have played the current build of Survive the Nights at the same time. Tomorrow 1000’s of people will try to play. Expect absolute insanity for at least the first 48 hours. The dev team can be counted on one hand so you’ll need to bear with us. It’s also a holiday weekend, not ideal. We’ll do our best to be around but you will likely not be able to reach us on Christmas Day. Release will happen tomorrow at around 1pm EST (give or take a few hours). With any luck, servers will be stable sometime next week.

What is an ‘Unlisted’ release? - The game is somewhat ‘hidden’ you will not find it searching in the Steam store nor will it show up on any kind of associated list. You will only be able to access the Steam store page via a direct URL. This will remain the case until builds are stable, enjoyable and match the above alpha trailer in gameplay.

Can I Stream? - Yes but please include a disclaimer that states that these builds are pre-alpha and is not to be considered a finished game.

Backer Badge/Discord Role - We will no longer be giving out badges/roles after tomorrow's launch. If you’ve pre-ordered before tomorrow you can still request the role.

Bug Reporting - Done here via BitBucket. Please do your best to include any valuable information. The better a problem is explained the faster we can address it.

Communication - The best way to reach is via Discord/Twitter.

Technical Issues - This pre-alpha build is going to be riddled with issues. Public tickets will get addressed as they come in and as development allows. We will do our best to ensure everyone is playing by a public alpha release.

Public Alpha Release - A fully-featured/promoted Early Access Alpha build will come once the team, all of the current and all of the new supporters feel the builds are stable and enjoyable. We hope to be in a public alpha stage in a few months and out of it in a year.
As always will back you guys you've done a great job I've since the start been on the edge of my seat (which has now a whole worn in!!) I'm very excited to see how this goes and what trials and tribulations you all went and are going through to produce this above the rest, deep interactive game you have brought us.. Thank you!!!


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Jun 30, 2017
how many programmers do you have?
NewThe Builds - This current pre-alpha build will turn 3 in March. Due to our inexperience, we’re having to release to a much wider audience than originally planned for. This will not change the way we do things as of now. We’re still a team of 5 (only four developing full time). We will expand when it’s financially possible and things have stabilized.

That can answer your question.
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Jul 28, 2016
bro, thank you very much for bringing this game that is sure to be incredible, and it will also be a survival game. I'm only asking you for one thing. Please do not equate h1z1, dayz or infestantion, do not let it die or turn it into another PUBG. I only ask this

thank you so much <3
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