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*update* Added Survival: Temporary Armour And zombie and animal scent

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Aug 14, 2014
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Armour and Zombie and Animal Scent Reduction:

so some of my ideas for temporary armour are the use of ordinary items like magazines. the player can collect magazines and with the use of tape attached them to his/her forearm to provide a low tier armour against the un-dead this is a popular in many zombie movies and is also seen in the walking dead. they can also be used for re-enforcing the body such as the neck and lower limbs as-well.

the use of plywood for low level stab protection body armour can have be more desirable but can also carry a higher risk of increase chance of catching fire if say a torch comprised of gasoline and a rag is used against the player. it can also be stacked but could mean that stamina is affected. if used in the rain the condition of it could deteriorate.

sheet metal could be a used for the same purpose but may also be used for the creation of a shield which will provide that much more protection but will include that much more hit to stamina. could also provide protection from rain decreasing chance of getting sick

the use of extra clothes could be the easiest way to arm ones self but may lead to increased weight if caught in the rain and in turn a higher chance at getting sick , flammability, and risk of higher body temperature on hot days which may lead to hyperthermia.

even duck tape could have its use as a re-enforcing tool to all these materials or even be its own type of armour if combined with a plastic poncho it could be used to stop the player from getting wet and from scratches

*update* chain mail made out of bottlecaps and/or even can drink tabs?

Zombie and Animal Scent Reduction:

the ideas i have for scent reduction will be the use of mud which can affect how easily zombies and animals you are hunting notice you. and if anyone has arnie in the movie predator it also has it camouflage benefits if zombies notice you less then that means less zombie agro and in turn less human's noticing you. though it can be help full it can also be detrimental to you're mental health but will also make your skin shine.

the use of zombie parts could provide the highest level of invisibility to zombies. though it has its high risks as-well. being a high chance of infection


i also wanted to add the addition the ability to modify armour with electrical components. for example in if the player finds a bulky square Gps he/she can attach it to the forearm and the same goes for gps watches now tp compare the two the bulky gps adds to weight carried but you can use mulitple power supply's making it easier to find power sources to power it where as the use of a gps watch can be less to carry and ca have more features in its interface but because it could be seen as a specialist item it can only take one type of battery or power source which is harder to find, with the features it could be that the watch has a toggle option for sound when entering zombie infested areas adding to sneak level where as the gps could maybe be louder and lack the ability to turn the sound off. the bulky gps could break more easily because it uses tape so in a fire fight you have a chance of loosing it

for example the use of lighting could be the same you could use many different types of
light bulbs
Example: LED's and they could have multiple power sources or have a specialised head lamp so the same applies with what i said about the gps and watch. it could break off if its attached with tape ect ect.

a new idea that i will admit isnt my own and i have taken from a mod for a game is the use of a quick release system for backpacks(misery mod for stalker: shadow of pripyat) so if you spot a enemy and you know your going to be in a firefight you could release all your gear except your gun and mags so you can have more stamina ect to run around and are more agile. with obtaining it maybe it could be a skill thing that you need to read a certain amount of books before you can unlock it in the skill tree. also you would have to find the clips ect for it. in addition to all this it could be possible to in-bed a GPS system into the backpack so you can find it again.(also from the mod i mentioned in the blue)
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