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What flys has a taste for meat and is nightmare beyond all nightmares?

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Jul 12, 2017
Before i begin credits to the young man who got me onto the idea. If you ever read this you know who you are :)

Seagulls, we all know them. The scavengers of the ocean. Most often we relate seagulls to the seaside, idyllic locations with gulls flitting here and there. What if they weren't as friendly? What if they wanted to try out people? What if they were no longer interested in fish?

This is next level, it freaks me out more than any zombie idea ive ever seen.

Scenario, your going for a night run cause you gotta get to your friends house their starving you gotta get some supplies over to their hutt. Half way there you see a pair of small red eyes only their zooming around in the air. Your adrenaline starts to rise the hairs on your neck stand to attention. What on earth is that? Next thing you know a flying missile zooms straight for ya. You stumble running fast as you can. Suddenly there's another set of tiny eyes. What could it be what is this unearthly creature? They start cawing, but its not right sounds like something from another planet. Sweat pours from your head its time to run. Just up ahead the tree lines visible, you make a bee line. Diving commando style to the brush, saves your bacon. The creatures caw their looking for a meal.

Zombie Seagulls is possibly the most terrifying creation ive seen heard dreamt considered read about. I'll leave it over to you dev's.