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Zombie Interactions

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Jun 9, 2019
Hello! I am very much not sure if I'm feed backing right since it could go in the bug section or the suggestion section ( I am putting it all in one). So since downloading the game and playing for a few months now I have noticed that the zombies have a very odd hit box... I have only been able to deal damage by aiming at specific parts- mainly the left shoulder (when facing the zombie) and the neck; so many times my aimer thingy will be on the zombie and there will be no damage done to it. While dealing damage is a little weird, the zombies have an extended range of attack many times allowing them to hit a player while the player cannot hit them; I am not sure if this was intended or maybe a little bug but it makes melee really undesirable and very much pointless. On this same subject of being up close with zombies the melee (in my opinion) needs a big buff as it seems that even with machetes and nailed bats that it still takes about 3 or 4 and sometimes 5 hits to kill a zombie putting all melee weapons at the same kind of level.
As far as my suggestions go for this, I feel that there may need to be a certain rewardish thingy for doing melee- like better loot (though I am not sure how much more work that would add to the devs plate. Just an idea for now). There is this one thing that happens that I find cool with melee- although it happens with guns too- where it seems to stop a zombie or stun them, make them flinch; this is very cool to me. I am sure there are more suggestions for melee that I haven't seen yet but it would be very awesome to see a big melee change. Thank you!